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I would like to start off a topic of discussion with a very controversial and highly disputed subject. Abortion. I am interested to know how you feel about it and why you feel that way about it. We can attempt to weed through the unneccessary propaganda that goes with the political territory as well. I will start off with explaining my thoughts on the subject. Now, I am personally against killing innocent babies. Just the thought of which makes my skin crawl. It is a dispicable act. However, I am FOR the government regulation and institution of abortion clinics. "Why?" you ask. It is simple math for me. I have the understanding and accept the fact that if these people want an abortion bad enough, then they are going to find a way to do it. One way or another. It could be anything from jamming a wire hanger into her vagina, intentionally falling off of a ladder or stairs, to even the most extreme being suicide or dumping the baby in a trash can and leaving it to die. Either way you look at it, this is a disgusting and horrible act. Here's why I am for it, though. In all of the non-conventional methods, there are no health and safety regulations. Meaning, the mother of this child will be at risk of death or permanent damage as well. If "Pro-Life" stands for what it says it stands for, then wouldn't it only make sense to attempt to save more lives? In making the procedure illegal (like they want), they are not taking away the act of abortion. Simply, they are taking away the safety of professionals and medical practice. Potentially putting 2 lives at risk instead of 1. 1 life is bad enough, but I feel 2 lives at risk are much worse. What are your thoughts?

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