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redneck_beach's Journal

Redneck Beach
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This community is for the country folks who love the beach to gather and throw one helluva LJ kegger

A few rules (sorry)

redneck @ heart

1. Your first post in this community will be an introduction:

1. Name
2. Location
3. Picture of youself
4. Interests/Hobbies
5. Occupation

2. As we all know, us rednecks tend to spout of at the mouth alot. This is generally an anti-PC forum. However, if something gets out of line, then the mod will be forced to deal with it. So, for the sake of community, keep it courteous. Remember: Southern Hospitality

3. Pictures are not censored here. Mostly because I don't care much for censorship. However, for the sake of the working folk, please place all pics behind a cut. And if it is in anyway considered inappropriate for work, please mark it at NSFW.

4. If an entry is longer than 2 paragraphs, please use a cut.

5. All entries must be "Friends Only." Hell, it's an exclusive club that almost everyone is invited to join. =)

6. Flaming members of this community will not be tolerated and will result in the LJ user being kicked out of the party.

7. If you want to post information about another community, then all I ask is that you post about us in their's. =)

8. Topics of discussion are unlimited here, so feel free to discuss whatever you want. It's a frickin' party!

9. This community is in no way affiliated with any political, racial, religionous, or gender groups at all. Not withstanding our members may or may not be. If you choose to partake in any of those groups/parties, then that is up to you. So don't expect the mod to approve or disprove of anything. It's all welcome here.

10. Above all else, have some f*ckin' fun!